Who we are?

I am a happy and proud owner of a male and female rhodesian ridgeback. I read first about the breed in a book when I was a child. I was amazed by staring the picture of a ridgy dog; its history with Africa and the lionthunting totally mistified me. I met the first ridgeback years later in another country, he was so majestic and elegant that I could not get rid of that picture for a while. The lifestyle I had with lot of traveling between countries did not support me to have any kind of pet at home, since I spent most of my time en route.

I moved back to Hungary in 2011 and bought a house with a huge yard and garden in 2012. My living conditions finally allowed me to think about having the utmost breed in my home.

Bukavu-Bawu Gamba was born out of the "marriage" Ch. Abuya von Dela-Eden and Bukavu-Bawu Pamuzinda on 27.03.2012. I chosed his name by purpose, first because it was the G-litter, second because he was the smallest and the last puppy who arrived to the new world in this litter. Shortly, he catched up with his sisters without any problem. The name "Gamba" means "young fighter, warrior" in Shona (african tribal) language. 

Gamba is very self-confident, he has been already stable at very young age. Friendly with people, horses and with most of the dogs, plus luckily he also gets along with small children. We passed the obedience exam, although we keep learning and still doing some training.

He is very successful in the showring, champion of different countries including the Interchampion title in 2014. Not just that he is doing great on the dogshows but sucessfully passed the breeding test with a great 99/100 score. He is a certified stud dog with the qualification "recommended for breeding". Gamba has very impressive personality, social behaviour and kindness, not to mention his excellent movement. He gives such a big happiness to our family. Because of his great bloodline, stable and easy-going temperament I decided that Gamba is available as a stud dog for suitable bitches. 

On the 25th of March last year, 12 beautiul puppies were born out ot the marriage Ch. Harmakhis Wisdom Quasar and Ch. Bulawayo Baobab E-Saavik in the Muhabura Kennel in Hungary. Being prepared for Gamba's 3rd birthday, my thoughts were already somewhere in the Muhabura Kennel. I knew that I have enough knowledge and experience to have another ridgeback as a companion for my boy. I was even thinking about the future and decided to choose a baby girl, who has the potential for being a brood bitch having healthy and outstanding ancestors with a great but different bloodline.

Two months later Sophie (Muhabura Princely Sophie of Hungary) moved in our cozy home and brought lot of fun and happiness into our days. She is a very brave and cool girl, learns easily and likes to work. We tested her show skills at the age of 3 months, when she went on her first dog show ever. I still can't believe that she won the Baby Best in Show that night. More and more nice winnings followed this period, she was selected for Puppy Best in Show, took reserve Junior Best in Show and other nice titles. She became junior campion in three countries and adult champion of two countries. She is 18 months old and candidate for the Interchampion title. Sophie successfully passed the breeding test in the summer and happy to announce that - just like Gamba - her hip, elbow and shoulder is free of dysplasia.

Why Kishima?

Last year in Africa I got an unforgettable, lifelong experience. After a 5 days long walk uphill I finally reached the top of the Mount Kilimanjaro. Spending speechless hours and days, I had enough time to think about my future plans including the foundation of my kennel. As for the name of the kennel, I wanted something personal, special which reminds me of this great adventure of my life. The Mount Kilimanjaro has three volcanic cones, the KIBO, SHIRA and MAWENZI. I felt the first symptoms of the physical and mental weakness on the way to the Shira Plateau, but also remember the moment when the Mawenzi peak was smiling at me in the sunrise above 5000 m during the D-day (Summit Day). And finally, the Kibo itself means the conquer of the summit.

Having all these experience behind, the KISHIMA kennel was founded in the summer of 2016 with the stud dog Ch. Bukavu-Bawu Gamba and the brood bitch Ch. Muhabura Princely Sophie of Hungary. I strongly believe that the majestic spirit of the White Mountain will live longer in the Home of Kishima.

Although, I laid the foundation the actual building work has just started. I hope that with the continous learning, patience and courage I shall enjoy the fruits of the labor.

Welcome to the Home of Kishima!  our door is open for everyone who is interested in this fantastic breed and the daily life of our kennel!

Andrea Deák

Owner of the Kishima Kennel