Sire: Ikimba Jambo Mandela  (Chivas Ayaba x Ikimba Gadina) 
Dam: Kishima Absolutely Flawless Thora  (Mahlubandile Ayaba x Muhabura Princely Sophie of Hungary) 
DOB: 10 February 2022
Health results:
62 cm - 30 kg
HD-A, ED-0, OCD free, LTV free, Spondylosis free
JME N/N, DM carrier, EOAD carrier, B-Locus B/B, D-Locus D/D, MH: N/N, Haemophila B. free, Ridge: R/r
Show titles: 
Hungarian Minor Puppy Grand Winner
Hungarian Puppy Grand Winner
Junior Champion of Croatia
Candidate to Champion of Hungary and Slovakia titles 
2x Best of Breed
Junior VI. Group Winner
7x Best Junior
CACIB Junior
5x CAC
RR Club & Specialty Shows
Dalmatian and Scenthound Club Hungary: Minor Puppy 1st place, Baby BIS 3. 
RR Club Zagreb: Hanka Pankova (Qwandoya) - Minor Puppy 3rd place
RR Club Hungary: Karin van Klaveren (Kisangani) - Minor Puppy 2nd place
CKRR: Kim Hodge (Colkeririn) - Puppy 2nd place (out of 16)
CKRR: Stanislava Janicka (Ze Sulicke) - very promising
Dalmatian and Scenthound Club Hungary: Nenad Devic - Puppy 1st place
RR Club Zagreb: Andrew Geeves (SRRC) - Junior Class Winner, Best Junior Female
Dalmatian and Scenthound Club Hungary: Iveta Klapova (Slunce Zivota) - Junior excellent
Dalmatian and Scendthound Club Hungary: Jean-Pierre Achtergael - Intermediate 2nd place, res.CAC
SKCHR Specialty Show: Hanka Pankova (Qwandoya) - Open CAC (out of 10), 2nd Best Female
"Dog of the Year" Competition - Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Hungary 
1st Place - Best Minor Puppy 2022
1st Place - Best Puppy 2022
"Dog of the Year" Competition - Dalmatian and Scenthound Club Hungary
1st Place - Best Rhodesian Ridgeback Female 2023